Try These Simple Exercises For Double Chin Treatment


If you have been wondering how to get rid of chin fat then you are in luck. The exercises below will help to improve the look for your chin. The results will not be instant but they will last for a while.

How To Get Rid Of Chin Fat- Change Your Posture

The double chin appearance has a lot to do with your posture. The exercises that you perform will be much more effective if you are using a posture that is good. To work on improving this you should stand tall as if you are being held up by little strings attached to your sternum or ribcage.

Next lift your chin up to the point where you can see the ceiling. You should be able to feel the lower facial muscles pull slightly but not too tightly. When doing your exercises make sure that you have this posture so they work more effectively.

Mouth Open/Close

You need to be sitting or standing in a good posture for this exercise.

When your neck is fully stretched, open and the close the mouth in a repeated fashion.
You should feel your jaw and throat muscles being worked out each time. Do these a few times each day.

The Chin Pull

For this exercise, your head and body need to be in a natural sitting or standing position.
Lift your chin up as much as you can until you notice the muscles in your jaw and throat tense.
Wait ten seconds once you are stretched before relaxing.
Do this 12 times each time you exercise to get the best results.

Lip Pull

A great exercise is the lip pull to do this need to need have good posture when standing but allow your head to be in a position that is natural.
Next push out the jaw and lift your bottom lip up as much as possible. Keep this position for around ten seconds and relax. You should feel the muscles stretching when you do this. You should feel it the most in your jaw line and jaw. Do this at minimum ten times each day.

Sticking Out The Tongue

It may have once been thought that sticking your tongue out was rude, but this is a great way to stretch out your neck and chin muscles.

With a good posture, stand up and leave your head at a natural position.
Open the mouth wide as possible and stick your tongue out as far as you can, and hold this position for 10 seconds.
Do this at least10 times.
It may seem silly at first. In fact, you might even look ridiculous doing it. However it will certainly be effective in how to get rid of chin fat.

The Tilt Head

Another exercise on how to get rid of chin fat is the tilt head. For this you need to tilt the head while you are in the laying position as if you were asleep.

Lie on either side of your body and lay your the head down so it tilts backwards. You should feel a slight stretch on your chin. Don’t crane it back however. It just needs to be tilted slightly. This position should be comfortable enough to the point that you could fall asleep if you wanted to. Over time you will work towards teaching your body to sleep in the tilt head position.
This will yield great results and many have already found it to be a great option for how to get rid of chin fat.

The Chin Clap

You have probably watched some older movies with people slapping at their chins. There is actually a reason for this. This helps get rid of a chiny are looking for.

So these are just a few methods on how to get rid of chin fat. These exercises don’t take a great deal of time and you will be able to see an improvement in your facial appearance.

You will find that once you learn how to get rid of chin fat you are going to feel better about the way that you look as well as the way that you appear to others fat.

Use the back of the hand and slap in a slow and gentle motion under the chin. You can gradually speed up the pace.
Do this for a few minutes several times each day. This is an exercise that is extremely easy and anyone will be able to do this and see the results.

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